Yahoo & Microsoft (Bing) Begin Testing

July 22, 2010 · 0 comments

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Happy Thursday! Just a quick note to let you know that Yahoo and Microsoft have begun testing the integration of Bing and Sponsored ads into Yahoo Search. Here’s what one of these tests look like.

Image courtesy of the Yahoo Search Blog.

Yahoo Search Results partially powered by Microsoft (Bing)

What does this mean for all of you SEMs (Search Engine Marketers) out there in Digi-land? If you do not have an AdCenter account, you better get one ASAP and start reading up. If you have an existing and fairly neglected AdCenter account, like many of us, you had better put your AdCenter Hat back on and catch up.

What is my take on the Microsoft / Yahoo partnership? I LOVE IT! I love that Yahoo will be focusing on what it has always done best… CONTENT! Fact: I have had my My Yahoo account for over 10 years now. Further, I have slowly begun to learn how to enjoy AdCenter and Desktop PPC management tool.

While I can truly state the average cost per click we enjoy a’la AdCenter is a welcome bonus, the traffic just is not the same. The buyer intent is DEFINITELY not the same as Classic Yahoo and the traffic level is a lot smaller. I am hoping this changes once Bing is fully powering Yahoo Search. My fingers are definitely crossed.

Same subject, but different note… I ran into a very bizarre and unidentifiable issue with Yahoo Search after they killed Paid Inclusion. We (my main client) had hundreds of Top 10 rankings in the Yahoo SERPs and they died, never to have come back. I can’t tell you how much money was lost, but it is not a small number. Seeing as how we do very well on Bing, I fully expect to see our rankings on the new Bing-powered Yahoo Search very closely mirror those of Bing. This would allow us to recapture this missing monthly revenue, at least in some part.

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