Thoughts on Affiliate Summit West 2008

February 28, 2008 · 0 comments

in Affiliate Marketing

I always enjoy going to conferences like Affiliate Summit because of the takeaways that come along with attending them. I always learn something new, gain new insight or perspective, learn how to streamline a process, and meet smart people.

I only offer this up because I think a lot of people question the value of these types of conferences. Just go. You should be able to earn back the investment via any/all of the aforementioned takeaways.

I really enjoyed the Tuesday morning session called, “Ask the Experts.” I sat at the Building and Managing Affiliate Relationships table with expert, Kevin Smith who is the Affiliate Marketing Manager for Brown Shoe Company. Everybody at the table asked questions or provided advice, and I truly enjoyed every second of it.

The only thing I thought that could have been added to the show was a “Birds of th Same Feather” session or networking event so that merchants and affiliates just attending the show could meet and do some business. As it is now, you literally have to hope you run into some people you want to do business with. Maybe ASW 2009 will address this need?

Good job AS Crew!

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