SMN Webcast – Using Real-Time Analytics and Behavioral Tracking to Enhance Content and Function

August 5, 2008 · 0 comments

in Website Analytics

Website Analytics GraphToday at 11:00am Pacific Time, I attended a webcast entitled, “Using Real-Time Analytics and Behavioral Tracking to Enhance Content and Function.” It was sponsored by Vignette ( and a fellow SEO named Marty Weintraub (

In the webcast, they discussed how some “deep pocket” companies are using real-time analytics to make automated content delivery changes on-the-fly at the PHP level. These companies have customized their e-commerce engines to be able to watch—in real time—a unique visitor’s click path, compare it to others who have taken the same path, then customize the shopping/browsing experience for the visitor. Doing this has lead to some pretty significant jumps in usability and ultimately conversion.

Additionally, the marketing/business team is given a clear window to this information and the ability to modify business rules to further customize visitors’ shopping experience. Such changes might include, shortening the sales funnel by displaying a call to action sooner, offer an appropriate discount, garner personal information, and the like.

These companies have also applied the same idea to their intranets and local site search. The search feature runs on more of a social search engine application, which learns what information is being searched for and ultimately used so it can better rank and provide in the top ranking, information that is most useful to the searcher.

I’ve already sent an email to my company’s owners, and really look forward to the forthcoming conversation regarding this topic.

If you are not already doing so, do you think it’s time to begin analyzing your web statistics at this level?

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