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June 28, 2011 · 0 comments

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Organic Keyword Tracking (SEO)

UPDATE: 08/31/2011 – New v2.0 is available for sale right now. Organic Keyword Tracking (SEO) is included int he Unlimited version and the cost of my plug-in has been reduced to $47 (was $94)! Why did I lower the price so drastically? A couple of reasons. 1) This economy is making it difficult for many people, including affiliates, who need software-based tools to be successful in their work. 2) I like helping people. Yes, I like money. BUT, I am at the point in my life where helping and sharing also gives me a great enjoyment. So there you go! You can learn more about my PPC Keyword Tracker Plug-in for WordPress right here on my blog or by visiting the official website.

UPDATE: 08/11/2011 – NEW… Organic Keyword Tracking (SEO) – V2.0 of my plug-in identifies the organic search queries your visitors typed in on Google, Bing and Yahoo to arrive at your WordPress powered blog or WordPress powered landing page. With my plug-in, you will be able to see which organic keyword searches (some refer to these as SEO keywords) are responsible for generating affiliate sales. I am VERY stoked about this feature and functionality, which has taken several months to get right and even more stoked that I will soon be able to offer it to you. One last thing… I am getting rid of the Single License so I can give everybody unlimited use of my plug-in at a price that will be much more favorable to all of you. To be among the first to know when I release V2.0 of my plug-in and get in on the awesome new price, subscribe to my new posts RSS or follow me on twitter @ericitzkowitz. Stay Tuned!!!


Sorry for the long delay in providing updates to my PPC Keyword Tracker Plug-in for WordPress. I am currently working on v2.0, which includes organic search-based keyword tracking. Yep!

For the past few weeks, I have been testing my updated plug-in, which now tracks organic keywords (search queries) stemming from Google, Yahoo and Bing. Testing has revealed that the plug-in is successfully storing and time stamping the search queries people are using to ultimately make their way to my blog.

However, when clicking on one of my Clickbank affiliate URLs (using Clickbank to test) I did not see an anonymized tracking ID being appended and passed in my affiliate URL–as a sub-id (Clickbank uses ?tid=). Checking my Clickbank affiliate analytics, I saw that I generated a hop, but no anonymized tracking ID passed as the tracking ID. I have already notified my programming team and they will get on this quickly.

Alas, my hope is to be able to offer my new v2.0 plug-in for sale in the next couple of weeks. STAY TUNED… the pricing for my paid versions is going to be VERY appealing!

If you want to see how this plug-in came about, watch a how-to video on how it works, or read a bunch of user commments, point your browser here. If you want to go directly to the plug-in’s website to view the most recent video about my plug-in or read some affiliate testimonials, click here.

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