Forget to Optimize Your Landing Page for Higher Quality Score?

July 29, 2010 · 0 comments

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Optimize for Higher Google AdWords Quality ScoreTHIS IS A WAKE UP CALL PEOPLE… OPTIMIZE YOUR LANDING PAGE!!!

This is yet another quick post, but should serve as a SERIOUS reminder to all of you affiliate marketers out there using any type of landing page for your Google AdWords traffic. Actually, this reminder goes out to ANYBODY using Google AdWords.

Over the past several years I have had the privilege to work with very smart, brand new and somewhere in-between Internet Marketers and Affiliate Marketers. I have learned a lot and have shared a lot. Yet, no matter the experience level, I continue to come across landing pages that are not as optimized, which is a real shame. By optimizing your landing page you give yourself a much better chance to earn a higher Google AdWords Quality Score (oft referred to as QS).

Case in point… This week I am doing some PPC consulting for an experienced affiliate marketer and his crew. Their landing pages are visually appealing; crisp and clean with no caffeine (sorry 7-Up). My being a mutant hybrid SEO/PPC/Affiliate guy MADE ME do a lil “CTRL U” (for you Firefox fans) to have a little sneak under the hood (looked at the page’s source code). And, what I found was pretty typical of the many landing pages I’ve come across over the years.

The landing pages were NOT in any way optimized to give them a chance to earn a higher quality score; QS for all of you Google AdWords fiends. Who cares, you ask? YOU SHOULD!

The higher your quality score the better for your visibility and your pocketbook. Your QS can literally make or break you before you even spend a single penny advertising via Google AdWords.

QS and Bid are directly correlated. Thus, the higher your QS the lower you cost per bid (vs. your competition). For example, an affiliate marketer and myself are bidding on the same keyword. I have a higher quality score than does he/she. I might only have to bid $2 for my ad to be displayed in the 3rd position, where as he/she might have to bid as high as $4 to be displayed in the same position. I can buy more impressions for less money than my competition. HUGE!

Now you probably want to know what you can optimize on your landing page to give you a chance at earning a higher Google AdWords Quality Score, right? Here it goes. I know there are more opportunities, so you can leave your suggestions in the comments section below. (:

What to Optimize to Help You Earn a Higher Google QS:

  • Domain Name – Use a real domain name which is pertinent to your offer. PLEASE, I beg you! DO NOT use one with five If you already have a domain name with high authority and trust, you’re probably golden!
  • Title Tag – Use relevant keywords pertinent to the offer on your landing page.
  • Header Tags (H1, H2, etc.) – Use these! It’s a clear signal about the focus of your landing page.
  • Meta Description Tag – Use a sentence or two to summarize the offer on the page.
  • On-page Text – Reiterate your relevant keywords throughout your text. Even if you are going to use a video with as little supporting text as possible, you can still fit in a keyword or two.
  • Images – Name your image files using relevant keywords. Use the alt and/or title attribute to describe the images on your landing page. That looks something like this: alt=”Super Cool Blue Widget” and title=”Super Cool Blue Widget”. I use both.

There you have it. Go optimize your landing pages right now.

What say you?

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