Hilarious Surfer Interview – Seen on Tosh.0 via Fail Blog

October 1, 2011 · 0 comments

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Nothing really to say about this hilarious surfer interview other than YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS! In fact, watch it a few times.

Although many of us do not fit the surfer stereotype, I have to say that this guy is the epitome of it. I teared up with laughter because I do have a few friends who are like this. ENJOY! Don’t forget to share because sharing is caring


This surfer was out surfing in some big waves. He had obviously caught some good waves and was able to “smack the lip” and get barreled. Smacking the lip is basically a top turn (you turn sharply at the top of the wave) and he positioned his surfboard in such a way that a portion of the board was higher than the breaking part of the wave. When done correctly, you hear a sound… like smacking something with your hand. Barreled (same as tubed) refers to when a wave breaks over you in such a way that it feels as though you are surfing in a cylinder of water. Pitted means that he was very deep into the wave, almost to the point where if he didn’t go fast enough he’d wipe out. Wipe out means to crash. By making the wave he found himself in a deep tube. Note: Some tubes are so big you can literally drive a car through it.

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