Google Reveals Secret Ranking Metric

August 8, 2014 · 0 comments

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Yeah, you read this right. On August 6th, 2014 Google posted the following “HTTPS as a ranking signal” via its Webmaster Central Blog.

Google is again up to something that will ultimately allow them to enjoy the windfall of benefits. The way they announced this is evidence enough they think/know that millions of website owners will forgo rational decision making in favor of a knee-jerk one. And, to those of you who would do this solely for the purpose of possibly achieving higher rankings… THAT’S NOT THE POINT! In fact, Google said, at least initially, “HTTPS will only be a lightweight signal, affecting fewer than 1% of global queries.”

My advice:

Please… I implore you… do not sprint over to the Bat Phone–nearly tripping over all the crap on your floor–to call your web development team/contractor and demand that they quickly purchase an SSL cert for your website and do all of the things necessary to secure your content. Instead, WAIT for a while. Google and others will publish best practices and tips to help you make better decisions about enhancing website security. And, while you are waiting, handle the hundreds of other things you could be doing to enhance your search engine presence on Google and keeping your customers/audience happy.

Disclaimer: I am NOT saying that I disagree with Google promoting more website security. Clearly, this seems to be a good idea given that “others” have been and will continue to tap non-secure Internet communications to see what the heck we’re all talking about.

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