George Carlin Died

June 23, 2008 · 0 comments

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George Carlin - Complaints & GrievancesI was driving to work this morning when I heard that George Carlin had died. I’m bummed out because I truly enjoyed his wit and controversial humor. And his ability to memorize long and incredibly detailed bits is something I will never forget–absolutely INCREDIBLE!

I’m very glad to have seen him perform live in Vegas a few years ago; something I really wanted to do. I have to thank my wife for hooking that up for us–thanks babe! I’ll never forget George staring up at me in the audience seconds before belting out his bit about hating white guys that shave their head to hide their receding hairline (I shave my head bald). To paraphrase, “You wanna be bald? Do what I did… WAIT A WHILE!

View George Carlin’s bit on white guys that shave their head on YouTube (3 minutes 55 seconds into the video).

I, like Larry King, am one that believes our country has lost one of it’s best comedians to date. R.I.P. George Carlin. I’ll miss your incredibly witty and controversial humor.

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