Ed Hochuli & The Denver Broncos vs. The San Diego Chargers

September 15, 2008 · 1 comment

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Norv Turners is extremely pissed-off about the officiating in yesterdays game vs. the Denver Broncos. (Image: NY Daily News)

Norv Turners is extremely pissed-off about the officiating in yesterday's game vs. the Denver Broncos. (Image: NY Daily News)

For the record, this rant is all about me getting out how incredibly pissed off I am about the SHENANIGANS that Ed Hochuli and his crew cast upon my beloved San Diego Chargers in yesterday’s game at Invesco Field vs. the Denver Broncos.

For the record, Ed Hochuli is a STUD. He also happens to be a great official. And, Ed Hochuli is in better shape than many of the players. Nonetheless, what happened yesterday was atrocious.

I won’t go into the details that occurred prior to the two crappy calls made by the officials; you can read the details here, here, and nearly one thousand other places nicely organized here.


1. HOW CONVENIENT was it that the replay system didn’t work for a call that WAS CLEARLY a catch (simultaneous possession goes to the offensive receiver), yet ruled a friggn’ fumble? GTF outta here with that nonsense. What… in the year 2008 you’re telling me that there’s no backup system/redundancy? Nobody took still shots that could have been used? You can’t wait another minute to troubleshoot the “glitch?” Curiously, is a neutral third party responsible for the equipment?

2. HOW CONVENIENT was it that Ed–who was just feet away from the play–blew his whistle to kill a play as the football squirted out of Cutler’s hand GOING BACKWARDS–A FRIGGN’ FUMBLE. Yeah, you should protect the QB, but to what extreme shall you go? Next thing you know the league is going to put a velcro belt with two flags around the QB’s waist. I hope the NFL stops trying to protect the QBs to this extent.

And for those of you who think I’m whining, I know that the Chargers defense should have never let the Denver Broncos march 80 friggn’ yards in about a minute to setup for what would be their final score AND a two-point conversion. The Charger D blew it!

But c’mon, two absolutely horrendous calls in the same game and going against the same team is just RIDICULOUS! Yes, I’d be upset if the same happened to the opponent. No, I wouldn’t be as upset.

Something has got to change at the Top. GO CHARGERS!!!

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1 rickey bobby September 25, 2012 at 5:04 am

I couldn’t agree more and this is the MF idiot they want to bring back. F that Hochuli has taken so many steriods he has muscle between his ears. I think we need to fire all these old refs and keep the replacement.


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