Chargers Season Tickets Prices Goes Up AGAIN

April 10, 2008 · 0 comments

in San Diego Chargers

I’m a die hard Chargers fan who grew up rooting for the Bolts mostly from the comfort of my home. Having been a season ticket holder for four years, however, I can tell you that there is nothing like being at the game; it’s great.

But, I just received my second payment notice for my tickets, and I was sooooo freeeeeeakn’ happy to learn that the Charger’s raised the season ticket prices… AGAIN! Yeah, I know it’s a business, but the cost to sit in Plaza is borderline ridiculous. Seriously, when you add up the cost per seat (x2) + the $20 parking fee, suddenly Football Sunday becomes VERY EXPENSIVE.

I want to continue to be a season ticket holder because I love the Bolts, but the cost is such that I’ve begun to wonder if I can feel just as good sitting in front of my 60″ Sony watching the game in Vivid HD, while drinking and eating to my heart’s content. Oh yeah, and all of this without having to get up extra early to avoid traffic and fight traffic on the way home.

It definitely makes it all worth thinking about, eh?

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