There is something I just realized–okay, well maybe this is something I have known for a while now, but was afraid to admit to it–I am on my kids’ schedule. Perfect example, last Saturday I was ready to take my son and daughter out to play and get a snack. By ready, I mean I […]


Hi everybody! I’m posting about a TV Show on the Noggin Network that my son LOVES and your kids may love, as well. Seriously, he gets laser focused (glued to the TV, as it were) when this show comes on and gets the BIGGEST grin of indulgence on his face. What show am I talking […]


Yesterday my Dad saw his doctor for his annual stress test, and to check on a stint already placed into one of his arteries last year. Unfortunately, the doctor did not like what he saw; there was significant plaque build-up in at least two arteries. As such, he decided to admit my Dad into the […]


So cool! My 7 1/2 mo old son stood up for the very first time yesterday. I missed that one, but got to see him stand up tonight, and it was really cool. Being a Dad is extra cool at times like this. I’ll try to get the video posted sometime in the near future.