November 2009

I never posted about attending DK’s Purposeinc Think Tank 2009 this past September, but wanted to take a few minutes to do so; better late than never. DK (aka Dave Klein) is such a cool, down-to-earth kind of guy that you just can’t help but to take an instant liking to him. You rock Bro! […]


The CEO of the company I work for ( Phone Cards) sent a link to me for a YouTube Video called “Design Coding.” In this video, SEO Rapper m0serious raps about the importance of solid design and coding that considers SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I’ve saved you an extra click by embedding this video below […]

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I know that the title of this post probably has you asking yourself WTH? Wait, please let me explain! It will all make perfect sense after you’ve read through it. First and foremost, I will be am currently planning to be in Las Vegas during the Pubcon conference this month. However, I will not be […]