September 2008

No, this is not fake! I took this picture yesterday on September 25, 2008 on our way back to the office from the Online Marketing Summit (OMS) held in Downtown San Diego. TOO FREAKIN CLASSIC!


For the record, this rant is all about me getting out how incredibly pissed off I am about the SHENANIGANS that Ed Hochuli and his crew cast upon my beloved San Diego Chargers in yesterday’s game at Invesco Field vs. the Denver Broncos. For the record, Ed Hochuli is a STUD. He also happens to […]

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I’m looking forward to attending the Online Marketing Summit (OMS) being held here in San Diego, on September 25. The agenda looks strong, and I’m hoping I can learn at least one new thing to bring back to the office with me. If nothing else, it will be a nice treat to be surrounded by […]