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I commute to work five days each week. My daily drive equates to seventy miles round trip or roughly one hour and thirty minutes. And, I’ve been doing this for just a bit longer than ten years.

At any rate… for the majority of this time I, like many of you, tuned into my favorite morning radio show without much complaint. But, something changed about a year ago. I found myself becoming just plain disgusted with the topics of conversation and equally irritated by the blathering, brain-numbing banter I was being subjected to. Yes, I know that I could have simply changed the station or put in a CD. I did this for a while, but became bored.

Finally, this past July I made a big change. Enter!
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Google Reveals Secret Ranking Metric



Yeah, you read this right. On August 6th, 2014 Google posted the following “HTTPS as a ranking signal” via its Webmaster Central Blog.

Google is again up to something that will ultimately allow them to enjoy the windfall of benefits. The way they announced this is evidence enough they think/know that millions of website owners will forgo rational decision making in favor of a knee-jerk one. And, to those of you who would do this solely for the purpose of possibly achieving higher rankings… THAT’S NOT THE POINT! In fact, Google said, at least initially, “HTTPS will only be a lightweight signal, affecting fewer than 1% of global queries.”

My advice:

Please… I implore you… do not sprint over to the Bat Phone–nearly tripping over all the crap on your floor–to call your web development team/contractor and [click to continue…]


Vox Call – The Prepaid Press Expo 2013

This is simply a quick post to let those of you in and close to the Telecom industry (Prepaid, MVNE/MVNO, Payments, ISO) that Vox Call (powered by SpeedyPin) will be exhibiting at The Prepaid Press Expo this August 12 – 14 in booth 323.

Come meet us and learn why Vox Call is a Superior partner for your prepaid international long distance needs. See you there!

Vox Call - PINless Prepaid International Long Distance Agent Program


Vox Call – The Best Call to Cuba

Call Cuba – 15 17 Minutes for $10

Call Cuba with Vox Call
Image: Courtesy of the CIA – World Factbook

UPDATE: Effective 06/03/2013:

Vox Call is currently offering 1517 minutes for $10 to call Cuba (land line and cellular). Take a look for yourself to see why the rate to call Cuba and the added convenience the Vox Call service provides makes it the best way to call Cuba.

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Disclaimer: I am employed by SpeedyPin / dba Vox Call.